The following statements reflect continuing and evolving efforts to articulate the principles that guide our practice. We seek to integrate all domains of learning in enriched, varied experiences with children to create a holistic approach to early childhood education.

We value:

    • Relationships as the foundation of learning
    • Giving time and space for children and adults to embrace their wonder of the natural world and we seek opportunities to encounter and explore nature together
    • Curiosity, exploration and discovery
    • Nurturing, supportive, warm, inviting environments for learning
    • Time as a resource rather than a limiting schedule

  • Flexibility and taking risks
  • Organization and intentionality
  • Participation of children, family, educators and community
  • Process over product
  • The process of welcoming children and families and recognize that it is a critical time to support transition, begin building relationships, and create a sense of belonging within our school community
  • Working in small groups and this is motivation to explore, find, and build more opportunities to do so
  • Creating opportunities for children to have mixed-age experiences and encounters
  • Seeking to build more depth in our work with children through full use of all resources
  • The benefit children gain from multiple interactions with different adults for a multitude of reasons
  • Individual strengths of all adults in our community and seek to maximize those contributions with the children
  • Professional collaboration as essential to our work and agree to build time for it into the schedule
  • Respect for intentionality of the work of our community and routines needed to support that work
  • Short- and long-range projections to support research-based learning

We believe:

  • Children are strong, curious, capable human beings
  • Experiences in and with nature inspire such feelings as freedom, peace and connectedness that support overall well being
  • Trust and respect are essential
  • Children have the right to beautiful, complex environments rich in materials and possibilities
  • By making thinking processes visible, we can support continuity of experience and connections in learning for children and adults
  • Play is the work of young children
  • All values are genetically linked to action
  • School is a place of joy!