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St. Anne’s Day School, Atlanta, GA

St. Anne’s offers the highest standards of quality early childhood education. In an  environment of love and respect, each child is given the opportunity to expand his/her concept of the world. Our well-rounded program provides for developmentally appropriate growth emotionally, cognitively, socially and physically, as well as spiritually. Children are given the opportunity to initiate choices of activities, as well as having teacher-initiated instruction times.

Our goals include increasing each child’s capacity to reason and encouraging a spirit of inquiry in a creative learning environment. Most of all, St. Anne’s Day School wants your child to know that he/she is a worthy person, acceptable and lovable just as God made him/her. Having a good self-concept and the opportunity to learn in a developmentally appropriate environment are gifts that last a lifetime. St. Anne’s Day School works in collaboration with other schools throughout the U.S. who are inspired by the Reggio Approach to early childhood education.

     For the 2013-2014 school year, we are supporting our Project Infinity colleagues in Greenville, SC, as they host the Wonder of Learning: The Hundred Languages of Children Exhibit from Reggio Emilia, Italy, from January-June 2014.  Please plan to visit the exhibit or join us for the following professional development initiatives during that time.

The Fifth NAREA Winter Conference

The Pleasure of Learning: Re-imagining School as a Place of Inspiration, Innovation, and Collaboration.
February 27 – March 1, 2014
For the first time, the NAREA Winter Conference will take place in connection with the presence of “The Wonder of Learning – The Hundred Languages of Children” exhibit during its presence in Greenville.  The conference will feature the participation of Paola Cagliari, Director and Pedagogista, and Angela Barozzi, Pedagogista, Preschools and Infant-Toddler Centers, Istituzione of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.

More information HERE.

Another exciting opportunity:
Encounters with Literacy: Stories from the Daily Lives of Young Children
May 1-2, 2014
Amelia Gambetti and Lella Gandini will be returning for this initiative that will also involve presentations from Project Infinity educators and will include a visit to the exhibit.
Details and registration information HERE.