Congratulations, Janet!

Janet Reinertsen, Director of St. Anne’s Day School and Enrichment Programs for over thirty-six years, retired at the end of the 2013-2014 school year. She is a dedicated, loving, and outstanding leader whose gifts have enriched the lives of so many children and their families   Over the years, her goal as Director has always been the same – to offer an authentic learning environment where children, as strong competent learners, can question what they see, hypothesize solutions, experiment, and reflect on their discoveries. Because of her tireless commitment to these ideals, St. Anne’s Day School is a place where time and materials are provided for children to explore their world in an enriching environment.

As a final gift to the school, Janet’s dream of an Outdoor Classroom came to be a reality after years of planning, fundraising, and building in April, 2014. The Carol Maddox Forrester Outdoor classroom is a series of outdoor rooms, seating areas, paths and gardens with a beautiful covered pavilion.

The St. Anne’s community has been very blessed to have Janet as Director for many wonderful years – it will be difficult to imagine life at the school without her. She will be truly missed.

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The Carol Maddox Forrester Outdoor Classroom

The Carol Maddox Forrester Outdoor Classroom

The Day School is pleased to announce the realization of a longtime dream with the soon coming construction of The Carol Maddox Forrester Outdoor Classroom. There will be a series of outdoor rooms, seating areas, paths and gardens – designed to be used, traversed and enjoyed by all ages. We have already begun incorporating sustainable practices into the project by transplanting some of the existing landscape, removing brick pavers to be donated to Habitat for Humanity for reuse, and improvements to the retention pond. » Read more..