Latest News from Director Search Committee

The Saint Anne’s Day School Search Committee is engaged in the important work of identifying the school’s next Director, and we want to share our progress to date.

Our sincere thanks for your interest in and support for this important process. If you have any feedback about the search, please email us at

  • Latest Update from the Director Search
    Dear Saint Anne’s Community, Greetings from the Director Search Committee! I hope everyone is having a great November so far. It’s hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner! 
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Past Announcements

  • Director Search Committee Announcement
    Dear St. Anne’s Community, As we congratulate Kristin on her future plans and celebrate her final year at the Day School, I am delighted to report on the good progress we have made in the search for her successor at St. Anne’s Day School and Enrichment Programs…
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  • An Announcement from our Advisory Council
    Since assuming the Director position at St. Anne’s Day School in 2016, Kristin Watts has been a dedicated, creative, and respected leader for our community…
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